INVIATO Mobile Courier Features

Helps you in streamlining delivery operations and enhancing user experience.

Delivery Order Management
Delivery Order Management

Retrieve and manage list of delivery order, courier, and location info.

Route Planning
Route Planning

Allocates list of delivery order to the courier based on adjacent location.

Status Monitoring
Status Monitoring

Monitoring each status of delivery order.

API Integration
Customized API Integration

Customized API enables integration with existing system.

Capture Photo
Capturing Photo

Simply take photo as proof of delivery.

Timestamps Geotags
Timestamps and Geotags

Simply capture geotags & timestamps to know where or when delivery finished.

Capture Signature
Capturing Signature

Get recipient signature and notes as proof of delivery.

QR Scanner
QR / Barcode Scanner

Scan QR / barcodes to check for any item, or to capture ID from printed labels.

Order To Do List
Order To Do List

Get information details of delivery order for current assignment.


Retrieve notification for each new delivery assignment.

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